Elementos literarios (ingles)

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Story. - Events that occur in time; in a chronological sequence, not always a logic one.
Analysis. - Means to separate something into its elements so you can examine their relationship to oneanother and to the whole. Ask questions about the work.

Literary Elements

 Characterization. - Dynamic and non-dynamic, humans/non humans, simple= flat complex = round.
 Antagonist. - Causesconflicts within the protagonist.
 Protagonist. - Main character.
 Plot. - Succession of events of the narrative. What happens; authors arrangement of logical events.
 Theme. - What the work saysabout a particular subject, ideas, and comments of the real world: loss is unavoidable. It may be given in one sentence.
 Subject. - What the work is about: love, fate, bravery, loss. It is given inone word or phrase: love, hate, life, and death.
 Rhetoric. - Art of persuasion.
 Binary opposition. - Love vs. hate, order vs. chaos, good vs. evil, honor vs. dishonor, sacred vs. profane, man vs.woman.
 Symbol. - Represents something, light- red; winter- white; umbrella- protection; armor – protection, invincible, etc.
 Setting. - World, locale, time, culture. Physical, temporal,cultural, details of the narrative’s world. It is divided in two:
a) Temporal. - Time period: Seasons of the year, times of the day, historical era;
Length of time: Time covered bythe events of the narrative;
perception of time: Does time pass slowly for the character? How does time
pass for the reader?
b) Physical aspect. -Wherethe action takes place.

 Atmosphere. - Emotional reaction that the characters or we have to the world of the narrative: language, pace, action, description of setting.
 Point of view. - Positionfrom which the story is told. Position from which the reader or hearer experiences the story. Emotional and intellectual relationship to the places, characters and events.

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