Emergency plan

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  • Publicado : 11 de octubre de 2010
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Every home should have a fire escape plan., and it should be practiced., nevertheless accidental home fires., those that happen anytime, anywhere couldn’t catch people unawares.We have the duty to know we must be prepared to react as soon as the smoke alarm sounds, if we have one. , without an emergency plan we are placing the lives of our family in jeopardy, because; ifwe prevent, each member of our family could fend for ourselves during a fire only if we know how to follow some fire survival tactics.
I saw in the internet: “Plan your actions before a firehappens!” I totally agree.
If you read my emergency Plan, you could be cut out for making another plan for your home too.

What to do BEFORE a Fire.

At the Kitchen.- Most kitchen firesoccur when we are cooking; it is the leading cause of home fires and injuries., so when we are boiling food, frying, ecc. If it is necessary leave the room, to open the door or to answer a call, thenwe must turn off the stove first. young children, and pets should be away from the stove.

At Christmass: Be aware of Recreational fires., If we had children, we would taught them how to use it.In hindsight, we wish we had reviewed our fire insurance to cover our stuff: every appliance in our house or important documents, ecc. and I think it’s the most important thing to prevent.Before is a good time to devise a plan to scape from a fire.
* We could work out a solution with every member of our family.
* They should know where all available exits are and how to checkdoors for heat. You can do a draw to anybody watch out it.
* Then, they should have a meeting place.
* To get a smoke alarm is important, also an escape ladder.
* We could have a visiblelist of emergency numbers
* The life hammer can also save lifes, if you use it to break glass during an emergency. Fire extinguishers are important stuff to get., and you must know how they work...
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