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Emiliano Zapata Salazar was born on August 8, 1879 in San Miguel Anenecuilco, Morelos and died on April 10, 1919 in Chinameca, Morelos. Known as the Leader of the South, was one of the most important military leaders during the Mexican Revolution, he commanded a large army during the revolution, the Southern Liberation Army. Son of Gabriel and Cleofas Zapata Salazar, born intoa peasant family.

He was raised on a par with Diaz landlordism in Morelos. First studied with Professor Emilio Vera, who had been an old soldier Juarez. Soon he worked as a farmer and drover. In 1906 he attended a meeting of farmers in Cuautla, to discuss how to defend against neighboring landowners of the village lands. Their rebellion was sentenced to the cam (conscription) in 1910,Zapata was incorporated in the 9th. Cavalry Regiment, in Cuernavaca. Zapata was appointed groom of Pablo Escandon, Chief of Staff of Porfirio Diaz, later in the same post under the command of Ignacio de la Torre, son of Diaz, who would take special affection for his skill with horses.

The reason he joined the army Emiliano Zapata was the fact that he had abducted a girl, because Zapata was knownto be a very amorous. [2] The charge was laid by the father of Ines Alfaro Aguilar, young Zapata with whom he later had two children: Nicholas and Elena Zapata Aguilar. In the photograph of Zapata and Villa are seated in the presidential chair, the youngest child is overlooking Nicholas. After the August 20, 1911 he married Miss Josefa Espejo Sanchez known as "The General" Anenecuilco native,daughter of Don Fidencio Mirror and Guadalupe Sánchez Merino with whom he had two more children. The former's name was Philip, he was born on the hill The Goldfinch and died at the age of five years in one of the many shelters that were like family after being bitten by a rattlesnake. The second daughter was Josefa, she was born Tlaltizapan and a year before his brother Philip died from a scorpionsting. So Josefa was childless shortly. But Zapata had more children as in the case of Ana Maria Zapata, daughter of Petra P. Torres.

In September 1909, Emiliano Zapata was elected chairman of the defense of the lands of Anenecuilco, which begin to analyze documents that originated in the Viceroyalty evidencing property rights of peoples over their lands, which had been denied by Reform laws,especially the Lerdo Law which requires the civic bodies to sell or idle land be expropriated, which was why at the time the support of indigenous leaders like Thomas Mejia conservative governments and the Second Mexican Empire Mexican, these laws were also used by several people to increase their land illegally to request ownership of communal areas that people were not working, why would, thus,agrarian leader of Morelos in his home state. It is at this time which coined what would become the motto for his revolutionary campaign, "Land and Freedom", a phrase with which he signed all official documents such as farmers' leader. His first political appearance outside his rural world was in the election for governor of Morelos in 1909, when he supported the opposition candidate, Patricio Leyva,against the landowners, Pablo Escandon and Barron.

In May 1910, recovered by force the lands of Villa de Ayala, who were protected by the police chief Joseph A. Vivanco and left in possession of the peasants. This fact had to escape several times from the government, since it was declared outlaw. Having recovered the land, left in possession of all the peasants of that place. Some months laterparticipated in the meeting which was held in the same place, ie in Villa de Ayala, to discuss what later became the Plan of Ayala


The war by the government took ruthless profiles in the north. Jesus Guajardo Gonzalo Zapata made him believe he was unhappy with Carranza and would be willing to join him. Zapata asked Guajardo tests and gave them to shoot about 50 federal...
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