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Pivotal employees
Over the past decade, many organizations
have spent a great amount of time, effort
and energy on identifying and managing
High Performers. Understanding what
motivates these“A” player employees to
give discretionary levels of effort, which
organizational systems enable their
success, and how the work environment
supports desired business outcomes is
But, whileHigh Performers are essential to a company
and warrant attention, an emerging focus and emphasis
is being placed on a group of employees called Pivotal.
Pivotal employees are segments of theworkforce that are
expected to create value and determine the success of the
company. Pivotal employees can vary across business units
(e.g., in business unit A, a pivotal employee is a Manager,
whilein business unit B, a pivotal employee is a software
Pivotal employees vary by industry, and, are not necessarily
supervisors, management or rising stars (high performers).
For example,pharmaceutical companies depend on the
development of new drugs while a restaurant depends on
the experience of each customer. For the pharmaceutical
company, a research scientist is likely to bea pivotal
employee. For the restaurant, the cook and servers would
likely be classified as pivotal employees as they are each
defining the customer experience in their own way. Pivotal
employeesmay change as a company evolves, but always
play a disproportionate role in creating company value and
Engagement of Pivotal employees can be the difference
between business success andfailure. Not knowing who
your Pivotal employees are, how many are fully engaged
and how many plan to leave is a business risk. Equally
critical to company performance is preventing Pivotal
employeesfrom feeling captive (not engaged, but not leaving).
Captive Pivotal employees will leave as soon as other
outside opportunities emerge but prior to leaving, tend to be
unproductive and may...
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