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Norba is a Swedish company now integrated in the Geesink Norba group, which main activity is manufacturate refuse collectors. Geesink Norba instead has the headquarters in The Netherlands and they are also present in Sweden. We can locate Norba individually within SME´s because it has less than 250 employees.
Norba cooperate with Volvo, Scaniaand Mercedes regarding trucks and chassis production. They manufacturate the refuse vehicles, a part of them is mounted with the chassis and trucks bought from the multinationals and a great part is exported.

Despite, we know this is not requiered in the assigment we would like to make a brief introduction of the company through an analysis of the marketing mix. Theanalysis is divided in four topics; product, price, place and promotion.
Begining with the first of them, the product, we can say that Norba offers a wide range of products related to garbage collection, such as refuse collectors, containers, sweepers and so on, compatible with different elevators and more products of the other manufacturers.
The company set the pricesaccording to the high technology of their products, instead of offering a cheap price, they offer good quality and automated products, trying to persuade its costumers from the importance of not being tight at the time to choose a collector which can be more expensive but also remains usable longer.
Regarding the place, they export the 75 % of its products, here we can see the valueof its internationalization, they mainly export to Scandinavia England, France, Ireland; Greece, Spain. Throughout the last years they are also trying to introduce in the Baltic Countries.
They do the promotion through their website in several languages, but mostly the participate in different events and fairs, and here they try to establish relationship with their possiblecustomers.


Should Norba go abroad or stay at home?
We studied this through two different dimensions:
-Industry globalism: Norba is a company which main activity is to be a provider of refuse collection of vehicles and waste collectors. We think this industry is more local rather than potentially global or totally global.
-Preparedness forinternationalization: this means how the company is prepare to the internationalization, which skills or organizational capabilities Norba has in order to move out. Here we think that Norba can be situate as an adolescent company because it has experience in different parts of Europe as Italy, Spain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and so on. It is not mature enough but it is on the way.
From our point ofview Norba belongs to a local industry, however we can also say it is an adolescent company in its internationalization experience, therefore we think one of its challenges is consolidate its export markets. In addition it has to be careful with new competitors like NTM-GB. Of course Norba is able to create branches in new countries but it is very important to strengthen the business relations wherethey are working. These relations have to be developed by qualify managers with experience abroad.
Political Environment:
* The Adhesion of Latvia and the rest of the Baltic Countries to the European Union made possible to improve the relations they had in the past and even more important the removal of their barriers.
* The cooperation with multinational truck producers suchas Mercedes, Scania, and Volvo, the latest could be probably the most important, with a wide experience in these countries.
* The opening of sorts of fairs and expos that fomented workers and managers of the company travelled to show the company and persuade new customers.

Economical Environment:
* The use of unautomatized vehicles in these countries enables to handle the amount of...
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