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What is an Energy Source?
An Energy source are natural sources where the humans can take energy form its composition such as chemical bonds, kinetic energy, heat energy and other to transform to a specific type of energy that we need to survive.
What is the most common No-renewable energy?
The most common non-renewable energy used in all the world is Oil, this type of energy is producewhen the chemical bonds of the compound of oil brakes when is heat up, this type of energy is used mainly in cars and different types of transportation. The bad of this type of energy is that there is an exact amount of oil that eventually will disappear, also the combustion of oil produce Carbon Dioxide that is one of the green house gases, so the by using Oil as an energy source willcontaminate our world and will help the global warming.

Also the most common non-renewable type of energy to produce electricity is coal. Coal as oil have an amount of energy capture in their bonds so when they are heat up it will broke up and release all that energy. The combustion of coal will produce carbon dioxide that will contaminate the world.
Why these materials are a source of energy?
The oiland coil have their energy in the bonds of the compounds. This energy is call chemical energy, that the energy is in the bonds and were they brake it will release a type of energy, for example heat, sound or kinetic energy.
What is the density of the energy in a source of energy?
The density of the energy is the quantity of energy that can be store in the system given a space (volume in thecase of gases such as natural gasses or mass in coal). In other words is the efficiency of a type of a type of energy. When it have a bigger density then this will mean that will give more energy making it more efficient than other energy types.
What is the connection between economy and non-renewable energy sources?
The connection is that the non-renewable are cheaper than renewable energy, bythis most people use non-renewable sources of energy, so it is cheaper and you can find it anywhere.
The problem to use renewable energy sources such as Solar energy, Wind power and Green fuels are:

Solar energy:
The solar panels are made of photovoltaic this are semiconductor materials that convert sunlight into electric current. This photovoltaic are made up of traditionally multi-crystallinesilicon that are a think film of cells and devices composed of plastic or organic conductors, this Photovoltaic is the most effective in transform sunlight into energy in consequence isn’t too cheap . Then are some Photovoltaic made of thin films that are cheaper but have a lower efficient at turning light to power. Finally there are photovoltaic made of crystalline that have 30% of efficiencybut the most common photovoltaic that are commercial have a 15 – 20% of efficiency, this photovoltaic are found in store to use it in your home.
The good things of this type of energy is that they can be installed in many places, roofs, walls, deserts, even cloths. For example in Mojave Desert there are installed 20,000 curved dish mirrors. Also a company in the United States calls Stirling EnergySystems had installed 12000 dish mirrors of 300 MW in Imperial Valley this mirrors will be upgraded to 900 MW. These panels help the economy of United States decreasing the cost of energy per Kilowatt per hour from 5-13 cents to 4-6 cents.
The problem of this type of energy is that many countries doesn’t know how to apply this type of energy and stay using non-renewable source of energy. Anotherproblem is that not all the people have an economy that good that can by an effective solar panel so it can produce electricity to their home but this problem had been decreasing because in the last decade the price of the solar cells have been decreasing in 8% per year this means that the new improvement in technology help us to decrease the cost of solar cells.
Wind Power:
Wind power is...
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