English dramatization

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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2012
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English Dramatization:
Camila: Hello, we are going to make a dramatization that explains our topic the Tayrona National Park.
- Julián: Today we are going to promote the Tayronapark in one incredible way
-Cristian: Yes! Let’s look for a possible tourist.
-Julián: look around.
- Cristian: ok, ok. Look that lady.
- Julián: Who?
- Cristian: The girl with the green flowerydress.
- Julián: Ok Let’s go.
- Cristian: Hello Lady, what’s your name?
-Camila: Camila Velasco, nice to meet you.
- Cristian: He is Julián and I’m Cristian. Nice to meet you too.
- Camila: Whatdo you need?
- Cristian: Just five minutes of your attention.
- Julián: We want to promote you an unique place in Colombia.
- Camila: oh, great! What do I have to do?
- Cristian: Nothing, Justlisten to us.
- Julián: Ok let’s begin.
-Cristian: First, we are going to tell you how the park is.
- Camila: Delight me.
- Julián: The Park is located between Atlantic Ocean and Sierra Nevada ofSanta Marta.
- Cristian: This beautiful Natural reserve was chosen one of the 10 Places to visit in 2010 by Lonely Planet Publications.
- Camila: How is the park? Describe it better!
- Julián: The parkis shaped by 15.000 colorful acres, of them 3.000 are from marine area, is home of thousands of colorful creatures which are distributed in different thermal levels which range from sea level toheights of 5775 meters.
- Cristian: it also has 108 species of mammals in which are the howler monkey, the margay, the capuchin monkey, the deer and more than 70 species of bats.
- Julián: The park has300 types of birds in which are the Wight eagle and the lonely eagle.
- Camila: I am an archaeologist, is there some place where I can research?
- Cristian: In the center of the park are thearchaeological ruins of Pueblito, a magic place that hides secrets of the forefathers of Tayrona civilization.
- Camila: Who are the tayronas?
- Julián: the Tayronas were an environmentalist culture...
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