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When people are restricted from others, they fail to achieve goals of their own and to take responsibility for the direction that their life takes. They usually tend to place responsibility for theiractions on the people or the circumstances around them. In Faulkner's story "A Rose for Emily" the character Emily is a woman who was separated and over protected from society due to his father’sdesire to maintain high social status. This experience impacted Emily’s life as she developed a dependent behaviour towards certain individuals and a state of mental insanity which led to lack of socialskills. Faulkner, trough the story, describes the life of such a women who happens to be stuck in the past even though there is an obvious change in her physical condition, a shift in her socialenvironment as a result of which, there is a growing reluctance on her part to accept change.
Emily as described by Faulkner grew more and more dependant towards certain individuals in her life as aresult of the restrictions her father placed on her. For example, her reluctance to let go of the corpse of her father three days after his death, gives the reader the clear indication of her physicaland mental dependence towards her father. Emily was raised to be very dependent on the only male figure in her life, her father. Emily's father had a major impact on her life even though he was deadall through the story and this relationship establishes the triggers that would lead to her future actions. Her father's over-protection is evident in this passage, "We remembered all the young men herfather had driven away, and we knew that with nothing left, she would have to cling to that which had robbed her, as people will".
Emily, as a result of growing need of a man in her life, resortedto insane methods of retaining the feeling of being close to someone. For example, when her father died she reeled with the loss. She was devastated that the only relationship she had ever known...
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