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  • Publicado : 2 de agosto de 2010
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Honesty. It is a hard and deep word. It’s supposed, and everyone was educated for always says the truth. This is in our minds, but always we applythis? No, surely no, in fact, all maybe we say a lie, one or several times at day.

Why this? Personally, I think that, too many times is difficult keep in thehonesty lines. It should not be like this. Because it’s supposed than every one have the moral obligation of always says the truth. But, some times, for differentsituations this is not easy.

For example, when somebody goes to an interview for a job, some things are inflated in order to get the job. This is a way of misleadthe company than is looking for some people as employer.

Another funny example, when a salesman come at home, and knock the door, the moms says to the children’swhispering “Go, and tell at the salesman, that I am not here” then the boy or the girl go, open de the door and says. “Say my mother that she is not here”

Seemfunny, but is very typical, the use of the “white lies”. This could be the root of our way of think and live.

The level of honesty is diverse among the people.It depends on the conscious of the honesty like a value, the preoccupation of the parents of give an adequate and convince education, and how many pervasive in ourmind was the things that learn the parents to everyone.

Finally, we don’t must use the lies as a style of life, because a lie it’s followed by other life, andother, cycling, until all turn unmanageable situation.

Then, don’t conceal, don’t mislead and most important, don’t blame to somebody else about our guiltiness.
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