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Name: Cristhian Fonseca Mateus Date: March 7th
I. Complete the following paragraphwith the present perfect or the simple past. (2 p)
I lived (live) in Sao Paulo, Brazil all my life. However, I have been (be) to a lot of other places too.I flew (fly) to Europe three times. In 1999, I went (go) to Amsterdam, Vienna and Prague. It was (be) a wonderful trip. I visited (visit) Europe again in2000 and 2003. On that trip, I have climbed (climb) the Eiffel Tower in Paris, went (go) sightseeing in London, and saw (see) a bullfight in Madrid. Of course,I traveled (travel) all over Latin America too. In 2004, I went touring (tour) the United States and Canada for the first time. I haven’t been (be / not)to Asia, but I’d really like to go.
II. Rewrite each statement or question with already or yet. (1.5 p)

1. (yet) Has he finished the book?
No,he hasn’t finished the book yet.
2. (yet) They haven’t seen the movie.
They haven’t seen the movie yet.
3. (already) We’ve tried wild rice severaltimes.
We’ve already tried wild rice several times.
4. (already) Has your father left?
Your father Has already left.

III. Rewrite each sentencewith already or yet. (1.5 p)

1. I haven’t had dinner. I haven’t had the dinner yet.
2. She’s been to London, Berlin and Rome. She’s already been toLondon, Berlin and Rome.
3. They haven’t called home. They haven’t called home yet.
4. We’ve finished our class. We’ve already finished our class.
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