English language 2

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English Language

1) Listen to the dialog and check ( ) the speaker who…. (2.5 pts)

Dave | Vanessa |
a. has understanding parents. | | |
b. has a patient, accepting mother. | | |c. says that Mr. Vargas is open minded | | |
d. thinks that Mr. Vargas is smart and has sense of humor. | | |
e. has a moody father who gets depressed. | | |

2) Dave calls Vanessa.Listen and circle Yes or No. ( 2.5 p)

a. Does Vanessa have a new business partner? Yes No

b. Does Mr. Vargas want to give Dave a job? Yes No

c. Does Dave have to look for somewhere tolive? Yes No

d. Does Mr. Vargas plan to develop a new medicine? Yes No

e. Is Dave going to meet with Mr. Vargas next week? Yes No

3) Read and circle the correct option.( 5p)

3.1She (not studing) _______, she is writing an essay
a. is not studying b. is not studing c is studing

3.2 Robin ______ (sit) on my desk.
a. is sitingb. is sitting c. is sittying

3.3 My dad ______(not/fix) my bike, and I want to go to the park.
a. is not fixxing b. is not fixing c. is fixeing

3.4 I _______ (die) to takeoff my shoes. My feet_______(kill) me.
a. am dyeing b. am dying c. are killing d. are kiling

3.5 Oh no! The food _______ (burn)
a. is burning b. is burnying c. is burnning3.6 The dog ______ (lie) on the floor and ______ (chew) a bone.
a. is lyeing b. is lying c. are chewing d. is chewing

3.7 They (not/quit) ______ their jobs.
a. are not quitting b. arenot quiting c. are quitting

3.8 They (not/hope) ______ to do interesting, meaningful work.
a. are not hoping b. are not hopping c. is not hopping

4) Write an essay about: Which is betterlove or money? (200 words minimum. 5p.)

5.-Oral test will be evaluated over 5 points: How is the life changing around the world? Explain Why?

Humanistic Sciences.

1) Listen to the...
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