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With the search of a new English teaching method the CELT (Creative English Language Teaching) appears like a response of the lack of humanity in the learning process taking the teacher’s and students needs as equals.
During the course is clear that one only teaching method is not the answer for all the problems in the classroom, we can take the advantages of one to improveanother one. CELT is an example of this, because it is develop with the adaptation of many theories and methods to make the English learning an exiting experience.
The CELT activities are made with different purposes but only one goal; include the needs and feelings of teachers and students in the English class. Hope it can be a guide for the improvement of our teaching work.


• Analyze the CELT (Creative English Language Teaching) like a new tool in the learning-teaching English process.

Specific objective

• Identify the principal characteristics of CELT.
• Interpret the needs of teachers and students.
• Recognize the stages of a CELT class.
• Utilize the CELT activities in an English class.

Chapter 1
What is Celt?
CreativeEnglish Language Teaching is a new pedagogy that meets the needs of students through the needs of teachers. This program create a classroom atmosphere were trust and positive feelings are emphasized to open and stimulate the natural learning abilities of students, it creates a classroom environment where both students and teachers feel secure and relaxed and the process of learning are fulfilled in aricher, healthier manner.
CELT is also based on the latest research of learning theories which point at the great advantage to work in harmony with the natural learning process of the brain. Each child has different needs and learning can be done in different ways, through this program the students develop a higher sense of self- esteem and learn to work well in community situation and they alsocan carry these skills to other parts of their lives.
In order to achieve a positive atmosphere CELT focuses on four main themes
• Affirmation
• Cooperation
• Communication
• Creative Conflict Resolution
The sequential combination points at a flexibility in the classroom curriculum and gives support to the imaginations and creativity of the students. The program stimulates every facet of achild’s learning abilities; they learn by a natural process and are motivated by individual empowerment and self determination.
3. Teachers as facilitators
The teachers assume the role of guides and facilitators of knowledge, working for the benefit and enjoyment of their students.
The creation of positive atmosphere among those students is more important to their learning processes thanindividual intellectual aptitudes, as it will inspire further-initiated exposure to learning the English language.
4. Strengthening the teacher- student relationship
Some techniques developed and used by Lynn Dhority which can aid the facilitator in creating a rapport with his students are explained as follows:
• Eye contact
Begin the class by establishing eye contact with each student. Thisprovides a personal welcome and acknowledgment to each person in the classroom, and sets a positive atmosphere between you and each one of them. During the class, it is important to continually make eye contact with all students equally, in a relaxed and accepting fashion, to acknowledge their individual importance, and to suggest that there is no pressure on the students; they are fine just they are.• Voice intonation
The voice can also be used as a tool to acknowledge and affirm students in the classroom. Pleasure and goodwill intoned in the voice have great effects on the classroom environment. The feeling must be authentic because the students will know when the attitude is not genuine, and the sense of trust whiting the classroom will decline.
• Body language
The physical movements...
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