English training for tourism

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Ingles aplicado al turismo

Esta son varias conversaciones que puede tenerse entre dos sujetos,
un agente de check in en el aeropuerto y uncliente que va a tomar un vuelo.

Dialogue at the airport, at the check-in stand, a client is going to take a flight.

-Check-in agent (ground staff)
-Airline clientHello.

Good evening and welcome, what can I do for you?

I have a flight to London at six o´clock, but I want to change the seat.

Please may I have your ticket and passport?Yes here is.

Thank you, I´m going to check it... So, you have an aisle seat, would you like a window seat then?

Yes I prefer a window seat.

It´s ok, I´ve changed to14b, that´s your new seat.


Are you carrying any spray, or flammable material?

Not at all.

Perishable food?


Ok, please place your wallet andluggage over here.


That´s all, here´s your ticket, your flight boarding will start in forty minutes.

Where is my gate located?

The G2 gate, it´s near the end of thislane.

Ok, thank you.

Thanks to you, have a nice trip.


Ground Hostess Good evening sir. May I see your boarding card, please? Thank you.

John Excuse me, wheredo I go?

Ground Hostess Please get into that bus

John (sitting in the Bharat Airlines bus, talks to his neighbour). I must say, I’ am most impressed with the efficiency ofthe Airlines. Air travel is so much more organized, faster cleaner than any other form of travel. Don’t you think so?

Fellow Passenger Yes. It certainly is the fastest wayof getting from one place to another. I am a businessman. Very often I travel to Delhi by the morning plane, do my work in Delhi and then return to Calcutta by the evening flight.
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