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Outcomes Intermediate Student’s Book page 18: Activities A, and B:
1. How is your course going? Are you still enjoying it?
2. What are you doing now? Do you fancy going for a coffee?
3. Whatis your sister doing these days? Is she still studying?
4. Are you working this weekend? Do you want to go for a picnic?
5. Do I need a coat? Is it still raining outside?
6. What are you doing here?Are you working near here?
7. What are you doing? Are you waiting to be served?
8. What is the matter with her? Why is she shouting at me?
a. 4 b. 5 c. 8 d. 7
e. 2 f. 3 g. 1 h. 6
OutcomesIntermediate Workbook page 10: Activities A, and B:
1. Guilty
2. Exhausted
3. Confused
4. Relaxed
5. Annoyed
6. Disappointed
7. Pleased
A: Are you OK?
B: No, I feel terrible atthe moment. I’m so stressed out at work that I can’t sleep at night.
A: Is Magda OK? I think she’s been crying.
B: She’s upset because her sister’s in hospital. She must be really worried abouther.
A: Why are you down?
B: I crashed my dad’s sports car last night and he’s absolutely fed up with me.
A: Don’t speak to Eddie. He isn’t in a very good mood today.
B: How come he’s so insuch a bad mood?
A: He hasn’t scored a goal for weeks and he says he’s really furious with training.
Outcomes Intermediate Workbook page 12: Activities A, B, C, D, and E:
1. You walk out ofthe place completely relaxed. And they don’t play that annoying whale music, which is a relief.
2. I had to give my height, weight, and my age – it was so embarrassing. I was a bit shocked when I sawhow much weight I’d put on.
3. I’m not sure I’m in the correct level. I’m always so confused at the end of the lesson. And concentrating for an hour is exhausting.
4. I didn’t expect it to be sobeautiful. I was quite surprised when I saw the scenery. But our flight was delayed, which was annoying.
5. I wasn’t very interested in the characters. And the ending was disappointing.

1. A...
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