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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2011
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Please, make the questions for the next answers:

a) Where does your mother in this moment? My mum is at home at this moment.
b) Do you Iike your job?I love my job; it is very fun to do.
c) Do you like chocolate? No, I don’t really like chocolate.
d) Are they very well?They are very well, thanks for asking!
e) Are the shops open on holidays? No, the shops aren’t open on holidays.
f) Do you know students? I don’t know,probably they are at school.
g) ? Because my leg is broken and I can’t walk fast.
h) ___________________________? No, he doesn’t live near here.
i) ___________________________? That’s myfather.
j) ___________________________? That T-shirt is £ 20 and has no discount.
k) ___________________________? No, I don’t speak any foreign language.
l) ___________________________? I’minterested in politics.
m) ___________________________? The supermarket is very far from here.
n) ___________________________? The meeting is next Saturday, at 10.00
o)___________________________? No, I don’t practise any sport.
p) ___________________________? I go away once a year.
q) ___________________________? Because she works very hard.
r)___________________________? They’re engineers.
s) ___________________________? They’re going to travel to Ireland.
t) ___________________________? No, we haven’t yet but we’ll do it now.
u)___________________________? No, she was not with me last night.
v) ___________________________? We had a fantastic time!
w) _______________________? Because he’s driven few times so he’s not skilful.
x)___________________________? No, it is sunny now.
y) ___________________________? It’s going to be at 3:00 p.m.
z) ___________________________? The guy I’ve shown you in pictures.
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