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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Organización De Ensayos En Ingles

A. Introduction Paragraph
        1. General Statements

For most people, dogs are considered pets.
They are great companions.
Dogs areplayful.
They sleep in your house.
Even you take them when you are in a trip.
Doggie-luxury life.

        2. Thesis Statement

Certainly, for some dogs, this kind of life-style is not for them.Special dogs work for a living; they are classified for the type of duties they do in hunting, guardian and working dogs.

    II. BODY

B. First supporting Paragraph

Some dogs are often used inthe hunting activity.
Smell and track the animal, point the pray, and retrieved it.
Certain characteristics are observed in hunting dogs;
Dogs should be extremely versatile and independent
Anothercharacteristic the dog should be is staunch pointer.
Desire for track and retrieve prey.
Stamina and a perfect sense of smell.
Example of this kind of dogs: German wirehaired pointer, Weimaraner,Englishcocker spaniel, German Shorthaired Pointer.

C. Second supporting Paragraph.

The responsibility of guardian dogs is to protect   human beings and their property.

Property includes homeand livestock.
Dark color dogs are used to protect home of nighttime intruders.
White color dogs are used to protect livestock from predators.
Independent-minded, protective,stamina, obedience.
Tibetan Mastin, Caucasian mountain dog, kangal dog, Great Pyrenees
Rotweiler, Doberman.

D. Another group is the working dog; this classification includes all the dogsthat specialize in different areas helping human beings.
Some work for the government :
Narcotic detectors ex. Beagle-exelent sense of smell. airports
Police and military work – German shepherd-search and rescue of victims. Attack fugitives and aggressors.

Assistant dogs-guide-blind, disability, hearing problem persons. Golden retriever, German shepherd. Labrador.
Search and rescue-water...