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Use the words in the correct form to successfully conjugate them and create sentences that make sense so they can be understood well.

Review the Explanation to understandthe subject. Read the relevant activity and answer the questions.


Choose the best determiner in parenthesis for the sentence to make sense.

1. (A / The) company does not have (his/ the) capital, managerial resources or knowledge of foreign markets required for exporting, but (it / they) wants to earn additional profits with minimal commitment.

2. (The company's / A)technology involved is not central to (theirs / the) licensor's core business.
3. (My / The) licensor wishes to exploit its technology in secondary markets (that/ who) may be too small to justify largerinvestments; (a / the) required economies of scale may not be attainable.
4. For managers, (they / there) are two lessons to be learned from (this/ these) analysis.
5. The banking servicescorporation announced that it would expand (its / their) service area by opening (the / six) more branches (in / the) coming year.
6. For (a / the) firm with both a comparative and competitive advantagethat has (a / the) potential to undertake ongoing exports, (a / the) next step in the analysis is to identify markets abroad to (which / whom) it can export (its/ theirs) products.
7. As globalcompetition centers more and more on knowledge, creativity and human talent, multinational firms are finding (it / them) more and more important to make full use of (their/ theirs) entire workforce.
8.Australian bricks were gaining export markets across Asia due to (its / their) natural colors and strength.
9. ( A / The) Russian auto industry lagged far behind (this / that) of the WesternEuropean.
10. (A / The) pharmaceutical industry laid off 25 000 workers when (some / the) patents over twenty years old became of public domain.


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