Ensato del calentamiento global

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  • Publicado : 31 de marzo de 2011
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Global warming is a fact that affects everybody including us due to this, we think one alternative to stop the consequences produced by hightemperatures. For this reason, we think the creation of a project for the conservation and protection of green zones, but the question arises, can students reach this objective? We give more importanceto minimum things, since not everybody is in the capacity to be aware of the importance that plants have for controlling the effects of global warming.
Global warming is the increasing trend oftemperature rise due to excessive release of carbon dioxide and other gases that act by trapping heat in the atmosphere. Thus, with each issue, it builds up a thick layer of gases that trap heat from thesun direction on the earth's surface. Year after year, human activities that produce these gases increase, pushing up the global warming process.
Due to behavior of people, we are suffering a falseevolution, we can see and feel the lack of water with rationing in city, and the incredibly hot weather, we don´t realize that the main cause of the problem is deforestation and increase in populationgrowth.
As a consequence there casts a Project for the conservation of green areas created from the need to protect trees in benefit so student community, allowing a better environment a conditionand suitable for the development of activities.
Our intention is to promote the awareness of natural resource conservation. As a result of this, it will established a Project in which students of firstand second semester are given a tree to be planted and protected, keeping it in optimal condition, this way can be an example for the country. In some European countries, try have used a method tocultivate terraces of buildings in order to reduce atmospheric CO2.
In conclusion, to weather conditions we are experiencing at this time to improve, the most economic and efficient way is to project...
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