Ensayo- are slamic slowing modernization

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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Are Islamic Ideals slowing modernization?
After analyzing the reading and learning about something that used to be kind of new for me before I can conclude many things about Islamic fundamentalismsuch as how is it linked to wider concepts. Now I how might it be a threat to political stability, an aspect treated on the paper given to us in class, but there was something that wasn´t explicitlymentioned in the paper, something that came to my mind after lots of thinking: Are Islamic Ideals slowing modernization? As we already know Islamic Fundamentalism has significantly spread and this goesfurther in time, but as it spread, it caused many things; among these things I think that it has somehow affected modernization due to its ideals. In the next article the subject will be analyzed.Extremism is a very big problem concerning modernization because these
groups seek to convert the world to their ideals and if you oppose them then you are seen as the enemy and they seek to destroyyou. Islam is a peaceful religion, its roots do have areas where it says it's alright to commit a jihad against your enemies but only if you are provoked, it pretty much dictates that you may defendyourself.
On the other hand the extremists interpret these passages of the Qur'an as a reason to go to war and even kill yourself in the name of your religion to kill those in your way, even withoutprovocation. The result of all these extremist faction's is worldwide panic and unrest, which may or may not result in fascism against Muslims which isn't right because most are just normal people likeyou and me, peaceful people who just want to get along. This also leads to the hatred of westerner's by Muslim's and if we want to keep progressing and making technology better, we must get paststereotypes and not let the extremists cloud our judgement. Hatred leads to thoughts of war and even though the seeking of military knowledge has helped us progress technologically in many positive ways...
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