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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2011
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Argumentative Essay
Parents should stay home with children
Do you think parents should keep their children in their first years of life?Parents are an important part in eduaction and childcare. Parents should look after their children themselves. The love and undestanding of a mother doesnot equal that of any other person. I think that parents should stay home in the early stages of childhood.
Children who are cared by theirparents are better students. Staying at home with their children is an important way to give security to them. Staying at home you will see the firststeps of your children. Not only the child feels safe but also their parents. The first education they receive from their parents.
Caring for a childis very important. They have to eat good food. Children must have physical activities to have a perfect health. Parents must teach their childrengood manners. You have to teach principles and values.
Some people think that parents may leave their children with babysitters. According to astaff survey 80% of children who are cared by their parents are excellent students in the future.
Parents should stay with their children atleast in their first five years of age. Parents are very important. For me the best way to educate a child is at home. Without our parents we would notbe who we are today and thanks to them we are very polite. I think if the parents care for their children can train as they believe it is educated.
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