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Billy Elliot
A heart-warming, slightly bogus,rites-of-passage drama, Billy Elliot is the story about an 11-year old boy that lives in a mining village with his dad, older brother and grandma. Both his father and brother work in the mines, but are currently on strike. Billy takes boxing lessons, because his father gave him a boxing gloves that belonged to his father and to his grandfather before, but isn't very happy about it. Instead, he falls forthe girl's ballet lessons. When his family finds out about him dropping boxing for ballet, they get frustrated because his father despite the fact that he is on strike he gave Billy every week fifteen pennies for his lesson. With help from his ballet teacher, Miss Wilkinson, Billy practices and gets an opportunity to audition for the Royal Ballet School. Now all he has to do is to persuade hisfather and brother. His mum has passed away some time ago, because of Billy live in a male house. The story takes place in a mining village in north-east England in 1984.
The conflict in the film is that Billy gets torn between his affection for dancing, and the expectations of his family. For the culture and working-class men Billy‘s dance inclination is disconcerting and dangerous. The stereotypeabout of "feminine" and "masculine" is what is put into stake in this story that tell us about the fight that a child keeps against stereotypes and prejudices of his people, their own culture and his own family. However, and the end Billy's father realizes that Billy is an excellent dancer, and he even turns on his strike mates and prepares to go back to work. After being persuaded by Tony, herejects this idea, and goes back to strike. Instead, he pants his wife's jewellery to get money for Billy's ballet audition in London.
I would say there are two, maybe even three stories in "Billy Elliot". One of them is the obvious one about Billy discovering his passion for dancing. The issue of strike is the backdrop to the story. The pickets, the struggle with the strikebreakers, the disputebetween father and son forms face the struggle. (“Even since Mom died you are not the same."). The difficulties of dialogue and expression of tenderness of the men (father and
older brother) is underscored by, silences, gestures and dialogue choppy. Billy needs to talk about the death of his mother and he approaches through her mother played piano. We can see this in different moments in the filmfor example: "Mom had given me
permission to play the piano "; when he asks his brother: "Do you think about death?" ; when he is drinking milk and imagine his mother saying him not to drink milk in the bottle… The third story, if you may even call it a story, is about Michael, Billy's friend. He's discovering that he's more interested in Billy than in the girls at school, and he tries on hismum's dress and make-up. Billy supports him, and doesn't make fun of him. In the last scene, we see Michael together with his boyfriend, waiting in excitement to watch Billy's performance.
From my point of view the simplicity and sensitivity of the narrative, becomes the film in an enjoyable and beautiful experience. I feel very identify with the story of this film, when I was younger I wanted tostudy Journalism, my parents did not want me to be a journalist, we live in a small town where everybody want their children become government employees, I tried to explain them my situation, but they did not understand, they said me that I am not enough good, because I am a little bit shy, I not have any contact despite I said but I am going to study hard to try to be a good journalist they did...