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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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shame in the school

In the school after the lunch

Tiznado: Hello guys!
Alvaro-Carlos: Hi Manuel
Tiznado: How are you Alvaro?
Alvaro: I’mfine no problem
Tiznado: And you?
Carlos: Not good
Alvaro: Why? What happened?
Carlos: My mother fell bad for my marks
Tiznado: But can youlie or not?
Alvaro: is an option
Carlos: Thanks for you advice
Tiznado: Hey! Guys he Gustavo, How are you?
Alvaro: look! he arrivedCarlos-Tiznado-Alvaro: Hi Gustavo
Gustavo: Hello my brothers, what are you doing?
Alvaro: Nothing
Carlos: Where are you coming from?
Gustavo: I come fromthe diningroom I just eat
Tiznado: What do you eat?
Gustavo: I eat green bean with chilli and milk
Carlos-Tiznado-Alvaro: JA JA JA!
Gustavo: Whylaugh?
Alvaro: Your stomach! will hurt
Gustavo: is true that?
Carlos: Yes thet happened to me too

10 min later …☺

Gustavo: Guys follow meTiznado: Where?
Gustavo: oh..oh.. bathroom go go now please
Carlos-Tiznado-Alvaro: JA JA JA! Go! come on

In the bathroom †

Carlos:Gustavo , are you fine?
Gustavo: (Grr Pff Pff Grr) Oh my god help me please help!!
Carlos-Tiznado-Alvaro: JA JA JA!
Tiznado: Take a picture in thetoilet
Carlos-Alvaro: JA JA JA! Ok
Carlos: use my camera
Alvaro: okay I take
(Guys take picture and Gustavo resist)
Tiznado: Come on guys run!Carlos: I go to my house and Upload to picture
Tiznado: Come on Carlos
Alvaro: follow you
(all the school look the picture and laugh to Gustavo)
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