Ensayo de un sueño imposible

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  • Publicado : 16 de mayo de 2010
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Nombre de la Película. “Un Sueño Posible”

In personal the movie I like, since these stocks in a royal history of the life of that player called Michael Oher who was of better that it has had theNFL, in the life of this man there were too many obstacles as in order that it could stand out at what it was good.

Everything begins when a friend asks him to the school to allow him to deposit hersince he was not studying, but that school for reasons not economic but if of learning they did not want to accept it for that his knowledge was not the sufficient ones for the academic level thattape-worm this school, but one of the teachers of that school him asked all to give an opportunity to Michael and they gave it to him, then that teen boy begins to go to a school without anybody who wassupporting it, without a ceiling where to be able to sleep, without anything. Until Leigh Anne Tuohy saw it a cold day walking with a bag being calling him the attention his way of dressing with onlya short and a shirt he asks his son that the one who was, the great Mike, Leigh at the time is where it offers to him his house in order that it begins to sleep there later to the following day itwas an action of graces and Michael not tape-worm to where to go so one spends it with Leigh and his family, this way he was adapting to what serious his new family. Though his real mother did not knowwhere Michael was and of her.

Little later Michael is adopted by Leigh and his husband though with some problems for which this boy not tape-worm no record of his life to what the lady Tuohydecides to do a visit to the mother of Michael though a lot of work was finding it hard to him(her) to find her, but to the end she was very spoilt by his addictions to the alcohol and other drugs only toobtain as information his surname; this way his performance rises thanks to a tutor who him towards studying every day, also is his beginning for American football though the truth was very bad to...
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