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Humitas preparation
Andrea Santín Montero
Academic 1
May fifth, 2011

The Humitas preparation, it’s a family tradition.

My family isfrom Loja so they usually rather their own food than the typical food from quito. For example, Lojanos do not like potatoes.
They just havevery different traditions and even thought my family live in quito for more than 20 years, they do not get use to quiteños food traditions yet.For any special occasion, such us: birthday, mother´s day or just a random Sunday, my family meet at my grandma's house where I actually livein, and we usually prepare delicious food.

This time was not the exception. Last Sunday, we all meet together to prepare the delicioushumitas, because our parents that live in loja, had send big boxes full of corn, recently harvested.

What I like the most about this wholething, it is the fact that my family has always kept together even thought my grandfather pass away 14 years ago.
I have six uncles and five aunts(kind of a big family).

When grandma organize a meeting at her home, they, all of them, with their kids, do what it takes to make itpossible.

Generally speaking, In Quito, I have not seen many families that are like mine, yet. I would not change it for anything. In the future,I would like to have a wonderful family that keep together no matter what as the one that my grandparents formed together.

By Andrea Santín
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