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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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Maria Andrea Gallegos Camargo
Spanish and Comparative Literature
Maria Luisa Balcázar Mena
Due date: Monday, March 22

“Maria dos Prazares and The Merchant story”

Both stories Maria dos Prazares of the famous author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the work of the Merchant's tale written by Geoffrey Chaucer, tell a story differently very similar to each other, where the plot is like twopeople throughout their lives wasted time in pleasures, or simply not realized how fast time goes on, both characters are already in the elderly living alone, and with a need to fill certain gaps in their life, and in their old age needing someone to take care of them or instead of that, someone who make them feel loved. By analyzing their lifestyles and decisions made must conclude that they mustcorrect their mistakes and enjoy the last years of their age.
In the book of Maria dos Prazares written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author tells us how Maria, an old prostitute of seventy-two, who awaited death in deep solitude and melancholy, was preparing to leave previously taking charge of all preparations necessary for the day of her funeral. Maria felt a deep fear of not having anyone whomourn his death and in his desperation she traine her dog named Noi, to feel less fear of not being remembered. As the book says: "María dos Prazeres consiguió que Noi distinguiera su tumba en la extensa colina de tumbas iguales. Luego se empeñó en enseñarlo a llorar sobre la sepultura vacía para que siguiera haciéndolo por costumbre después de su muerte." (Garcia Marquez, pg.46).
During theplot of the book the author shows Maria as a loner, who only meets their physical needs selling her own body, having sex with an old friend the Count of Cardona, who visited her at home every Friday offering twenty-five pesetas for her body. She felt miserable and afraid to die without feeling at least a little happiness or feel loved in her later years, one day while she was walking down the streetalone in the rain, unable to find a free taxi or bus, with her dog, desperate she receives the help of a young man who offers to take her to her house. This gut, made her feel cared for, and when he leave her at home he asked several times if he could get with her to her apartment, for which she felt mocked by him and he told her very seriously that it wasn’t a joke, so Maria began simply to walk,when she feel that the young man came after her, she discovered that all the bitterness and the desire to die came to be worthwhile, with only living this instant in the young company, citing the book: "Y entonces comprendió que había valido la pena esperar tantos y tantos años, y haber sufrido tanto en la oscuridad, aunque sólo hubiera sido para vivir aquel instante.” (Garcia Marquez, pg. 49).This is where the author shows us, as Maria having made mistakes during her life, in the last moments of her old age she feel a bit of satisfaction and accomplishment felt I had experienced something useful after all this suffering. On the opposite side, telling similar feelings in a differently way, is the story of "The merchant's tale" written by George Chaucer, who tells the story of a sixtyyears old man named Enero, who as the book says: "Había permanecido soltero durante sesenta años, solazando su cuerpo con las mujeres que le gustaban, como suelen hacerlo estos insensatos mundanos.."(Chaucer, pg. 115).
After living his life in lust, singleness and pleasure, decides to marry, to live their final years in the company of a woman to take care of him and with whom to share his oldage. He decides to marry a young woman named Mayo, who will become his true and only love, the one protected him and the one who take care of him. He felt that if he marry he will correct all the mistakes that he have done, and live his last years in happines, he believes that as soon as he married everything bad that has made during his past life, he can erase it and correct his mistakes, and in...
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