Ensayo juegos olimpicos.

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  • Publicado : 15 de marzo de 2011
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Sergio Manrique Herrero.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games were born in Greece in 776 BC, from there, this games represented how countries were good in the different sports From theathlete´s was expected the best performance for the price if his hometown. In return they were proclaimed as heroes putting over their heads a wreath made of olives branches, also, at 1936 the Games wereheaded in Berlin, and they were used to represent and demonstrate to the whole world the strength and the supremacy of the Aryan race of Hitler.The sport was conducted without clothes and with bare,womens were excluded and it was forbidden theis participation as spectators.
20 centuries later, the Baron de coubertin, from Franch aristoracy on a trips to the Olympic Stadium in grecce, had thebrilliant idea of restarting the games were held in anccient Olympia.
By the year 1894, the Baron de Coubertin gave rise to the world Olympic movement, to call 14 countries creating the firstInternational Olympic Committee (IOC), based at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris.
First event after all of these Business, were in 1896 in Grecce, it was able to do it dut to a businees man fromGrecce called George Averof, who gave around ine million of Dracman to built the Olympic Stadium. From this point, began the Olympics Games as we known now a days each 4 years around the World.
-Atenas 1896.
- Paris 1900.
- Sant louis 1904.
- Londres 1908.
- Estocolmo 1912.
- Amberes 1920.
- Paris 1924.
- Amsterdam 1928.
- Los Ángeles 1932.
- Londres 1948.
- Helsinki 1952.
- Melbourne 1956.
- Roma 1960.
- Tokio 1964.
- Mejico 1968.
- Munich 1972.
- Montreal 1976.
- Moscu 1980.
- LosAngeles 1984.
- Seul 1988.
- Barcelona 1992.
- Atlanta 1996.
- Sydney 2000 .
- Atenas 2004.
- Pekin 2008.
This games are today one of the must important events of...
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