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  • Publicado : 29 de enero de 2011
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My name is José Ramirez. I am a 29-year old accountant from UCV. I have worked as an auditor in bilingual environments where relationships with large-scale companies are common nature and requirefluent English speaking. I took English lessons at an early age for three years and have been studying and practicing on my own ever since. In my spare time, I perform lead vocals in a band. All of ourmaterial is sung in English, and I write the lyrics to all songs. I even had some experience translating a few documents for the tax department of a firm I once worked at. I believe I possess a fairknowledge of the English language, but I want to be able to make a living out of it, therefore I want to become a certified translator, in order to focus my career on that area, whether it’s working inaccountability-related companies or otherwise. I once considered going to modern language school, but I ultimately chose accountability instead, because I am solely interested in English speaking; thestudy of a second foreign language (as required by most modern language schools) was not of interest to me.

Considering Globalization and Venezuela´s economical situation, it can be assumed thatthe field for finance translators is prone to broaden since the money market and most overseas economies deal in English, a fact which our country does not escape from.

One of my main concerns whenit comes to translating English content revolves around the issue of idiomatic phrases or expressions that may have a completely different connotation in Spanish. I am aware of certain idioms, whosemeaning I have come to grasp within the realms of Spanish logic, but I know there are plenty of other idiomatic expressions which I would like to get a hold of, and I expect that this translationcourse will cover that area in a proper way.
Translation techniques are also another focal interest for me. I have translated documents and other types of text, based on my own experience, in a rather...
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