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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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Essay on the book "Blindness".

A group of blind control is done with the internship by force, claiming from the other inmates, first, their valuables, then their food rations, and finally, the delivery of women, until it finally erupts situation in all its violence.

Abruptly, those affected become blind. Without knowing the mechanism of transmission, those who have some contact with thesick are being affected by the mysterious illness. The city authorities decide to detain patients in a building on the outskirts prepared for that purpose, under the strict surveillance of the army to impose its absolute isolation: thus become "plague."

The fear of the healthy to the sick, leave these abandoned to their fate, so they must organize to meet basic needs for survival.

In thissituation of forced confinement, without news of the outside world, along with the helplessness and anguish reveals best and worst of what every human being carries within it (the human condition).

The exit to the outside of a group of blind and erratic wanderings by a ciudadd where anarchy rules allow us to continue to reflect on that reality, possible, but that seems so far away: the disorder ofthe world as we know, the breakdown of daily, the emergence of the "four horsemen" (plague, war, famine and death).

The main characters in this book are the ophthalmologist, blind after having attended the first affected, and his wife who decides to accompany him in his confinement, despite continued watching. She becomes the "eyes" of the detention center, and by extension, the figure isintended as a guide to those who have a responsibility when others have lost their eyes to know that blindness is also living in a world which has run out of hope.

In this world of blind she is our guide and she can see the whole human filth, as she said, would be better not to see, being blind also because they see those things make you want to be like everyone else.

When the eyes of reason tocome back in, all we see is our own light. A light paste that from seeing the people around us, things we really need, the ground where we stand.

As a result, we are able to pass over others to achieve our goals (objectives useless, blind people own themselves), to forget the things that are really important, and to behave with absolute cruelty to the people who live in our world that surroundsus everywhere.

If you have the fortune or misfortune, although deep deep down it is still a blessing to be able to look out not only to yourself, and see, you better not tell anyone. Some are, but do not say. If you do not see any excuse to trample humanity with your selfishness, and become, slowly in the blind slave of all.

The way to tell each of the pages of this wonderful story is reallymasterful. From the first lines get caught in a world that, however much you suffer with their atrocities, subject keeps you until the book ends (ends the book, start thinking. I hope this never end).

At all times one gets the feeling of being stuck in that world really foul and cruel that is recounted in the book, and more stupid and masochistic enough, in the reading becomes highly addictive.The characters are alive, full of feelings and needs that make them very close to the reader.

What is telling us, after the story of a collective blindness is something (unfortunately) very close to us all.

Saramago is in this book show today's society, we're all a little blind and not see many things, but the way they present it is really spectacular. Saramago wants us to cast acritical look at our society, we look a little like what we are and what we have become.

It is certainly despicable how the government treated it decides to put them in quarantine, just leaving them almost without food and without the minimum care because they realize that these people just go blind and can not fend for themselves but in the end they all end up in the same situation and no one else....