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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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Evolution of the Republic
It’s Not Always Perfect

Evolution does not always consist of perfect solutions, but the solutions must always work. If the solutions are not a workable, the organismsor in some cases, the species will cease to exist. For example, amphibians were able to bridge the gap between fish and reptiles, eventually leading to mammals and birds. Amphibians are veryunsuccessful on land, but without them, reptiles would have never been so successful. Sometimes, the solutions are far from perfect or ideal, but evolution never stops. Better solutions are always inprogress. This theory can be applied to government as well. If a better solution or idea to fix a problem is available, this solution must first be tested. This is not to say that the previous way ofexisting is incorrect, it just says that there is always something better. The Roman Republic was great, and existed in superior glory for centuries, similar to how the amphibians existed for millionsof years. From the amphibians, or the Republic, came the reptiles, or the Empire. The Roman Empire was not perfect, but it was superior to the Republic in many ways.
While pinpointing a reasonfor the Republic’s evolution to the Empire may be impossible, it is clearly evident that Republic could not adapt to the changing world. The Empire did not arise overnight, as the saying goes “Romewas not built in a day.” The Republic yielded much power and opportunity to the citizens, but the citizens wanted more; more land, more money, more power and more rights. There was not a set of welldefined rules to give the people what they wanted, or more importantly, to take away from the people of the Republic (Hojanaki, David). The Empire solved this problem by changing the governmentallayout to where the people are not able to make all decisions.
The Republic was going into turmoil without a written set of rules. Disorder always requires less energy than order, or to say when...
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