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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2010
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Eating Politely in italy
I think that everybody should have good manners when eating, and basic good manners probably are not very different form country to country. Here are some do’s and don’ts onhow to eat politely in italy:
•Don’t speak with your mouth full; this is considered impolite.
•If you want to appear polite, you should remember not to put your elbow on the table.
•Don’t evertouch your hair while seated at the table.
•Be careful not to use your fork when taking food the dishes.
•For italian people one thing is very important; don’t eat spagheti with a fork and spoon, butonly with the fork, if you use a spoon, people will immediately understand you are a foreigner and are not able to eat correctly.

Eating Etiquette in Germany
The Eating etiquette in Germany isdifferent, like a wedding or a very important business meeting, we are supposed to follow the formal rules of dining etiquette. We put our napkin on our lap, folded once, opening to the front. We aresupposed to sit up straight and never put our elbows on the table. We use the many glasses and silverware from the outside to the inside, according to the course that is served. Before and alter drinking,we touch our mouth with the napkin. It is severely forbidden to make any noise while Eating.
The etiquette for casual dining is not that strict. It’s no problem to sit more relaxed and to put thealbows on the table. Of course, some basic rules need to be followed, for example, you should never bring your knife to your mouth, and you should put your silverware down while drinking.

EatingPolitely in korea
Koreans usually regard politeness as a very importent thing. if you have a chance to g oto korea and eat, you have to know that there are many dos and don’ts.
Here are some of thebasic and necessary rules of etiquette that korens usually respect every day:
•Be careful not to start to eat before other elderly people start. You might look very rude.
•Don’t ever speak out loud...
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