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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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I was born in ixtapan de la sal on April 4, 1994. My parents are Mireya perez y jorge hernadez When I tapeworm one to year of age my parents separated And I remain with my mom, Months late I wentaway with my mom to living through the DF and my dad to California city , After two years was born my sister America daughter of my dad. When it was my birthday number three they made a party with myfamily and people knew, In this time also I me came to live to coatepec harinas Where Nowadays I live and between to the kinder garden edgar robledo and when I end the first year They changed to thekinder Guadalupe ron de han that my mom did not like other one, Sara was born this time the another daughter of my dad also.
I went out of the kinder enter to the primary school himno nacionalduring the first and second year I had the same teacher and she was very nice was helping us very much and I learn very fast since it was extracting good grades. When it happens to the third year they hadto operate me of an umbilical hernia and for this reason I did not go to the school three months But it was taking particular classes in my house and do not be slow in the school.
Three followingyears at the primary one were good and in this time there was born my third sister Claudia mariam. Finishing my studies it is I went to the secondary " lic. Benito juarez ". The first year I had goodgrades and the first places Occupy all the semesters, and tapeworm many friends but not best friends This time was entertained but the year more good was third for that it was working out great withmy friends we were going to many places and it was very funny and also tapeworm good grades.
When it finishes the secondary to decide study in the preparatory anexa a la normal, the first day ofschool was nice Because I did many friends but during the course of the week I made myself a friend Of fhany and angelica my best friends, We were going to many places with Armando, toño, Ivan and...