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Essay on the exposure of the 10 commandments

Cultural activity numbers two I attended an exhibition of paintings which exhibit at the National Technical University inPuntarenas. The illustrator and graphic designer Palacios Vargas Casta with this exhibition presents a proposal concerning a title plastic to direct confrontation between the moral laws andthe general concept of freedom. It is interesting to see how the projection of a set of images creates a concrete idea, Ms. Casta is like Palacios Vargas made us see that by workscan reflect an idea, if the 10 commandments to her.

It is notable as it permeates every one of his ideas in his drawings, to create each of her drawings, she uses as a referencepoint n, where its meaning was not forget!, What not to forget that?, Do not forget the mandates God the father has left us for thousands of years ago, where many people have beengiven the task of misinterpreting his message, which many believe to have been abolished over time. Finally, we can say that his works leave a great lesson, which is the combinationof effort, dedication and excellence, as can be seen in the delicacy of each work beat elaboration.

You can see the message you want to give, to view them, and the message itgives is very significant for our work, as in the saying that stealing is doing any action that harms any human being to harm nature, we harm ourselves, as well as other living beingsand is one of the ways we steal, or that says not kill, and shows that killing is not only hurting another person, but also offend, abuse others, also a great teaching was to takeGod's name in vain is not just swear in his name, but also using his name for the unexpected happens to us during the day (majarnos a finger, kick edge of the bed, etc).

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