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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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To Save our Planet We Should use Renewable Energy.

The renewable energies are the kind of energy that comes from natural resources, such as sunlight, rain and wind. This “energies” can supply theway we produce energy and fortunately are growing very rapidly. The development of these new technologies is helping us to improve the way we live. We are ending with the natural resources so theseenergies are good option to decrease the problems that are affecting the planet. The wind, the sunlight and the water are the most important natural resources to make renewable energy.

We are endingwith the water and the thing we don’t know is that is not only necessary for our body, it is important to produce energy. To produce hydraulic energy is necessary that the water falls and pass throughthe turbines at high speed, causing a rotational movement that eventually transformed into electrical energy using generators.

With the sunlight we can get energy through solar cells, it isexpensive but is an alternative way to get energy, the sun provide us heat but we can also produce energy, it emerges as the solution to the problem of electricity, with clear advantage over otheralternatives. It doesn’t pollute neither produces noise.

The wind can give us another alternative to get energy. According to one of the most important scientific webpage www.textoscientificos.com in allaround the world produces more than 15.000.000 millions of KV/H of electricity and just the .3% are produced by windmills; however it is growing very fast. It produces no emissions neither noise.Nowadays it is taken as a good way and one of the best ways to get energy despite it was used since many years ago.

According to Greenpeace the increase of the develop of these energies ensures along-term production of new energy reducing CO2 emissions. And we all know that if we use these energies and if we try to implements these energies we can improve our lifestyle and we can save the planet....
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