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St Valentine's Day: Antigua postcard (1910) of the St Valentine's Day; it shows to a woman supporting a decoration with form of heart and flowers. The St Valentine's Day is a traditional celebrationof Anglo-Saxon countries that has been implanted in other countries along the 20th century principally in that the lovers, boyfriends or spouses express his love and fondness mutually. It iscelebrated on February 14, onomastic of Saint Valentine.
The day in different countries
* In Brazil so called ' The Second Namorados ' (day of the boyfriends) is a June 12. The pairs of boyfriends changegifts and cards.
* In Bolivia it is feasted on September 21, which is known as Day of the Student, of the Youth, of the spring and the Love.
* In China already there existed the Qi Qiao Jie(day to show the skills '), celebrated the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar.
* In Chile it is known as St Valentine's Day, being one day where the pairs (be boyfriends,boyfriends or spouses) celebrate the love and the union of one with other one.
* In Dominican Republic it is known as the Day of the Love and the Friendship is feasted on February 14. It gets used toassembling friends, to sending postcards, chocolates, romantic dinners, etc.
* In Colombia it is known as The Day of the Love and the Friendship and is not celebrated on February 14 but inSeptember, since in most of the country February is the month of the school season and in addition because there is carried out one of the most important festivities of the Country: Barranquilla's Carnival,Oral and Immaterial Heritage of the Humanity.
* In Ecuador it is in the habit of celebrating on February 14 by roses, cards, serenades, night dinners between married pairs, of boyfriends andfriends.
* In Spain this holiday was started celebrating in the middle of the 20th century, with the motive of stimulating the purchase of gifts. Often it is said that this holiday introduced the...
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