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  • Publicado : 16 de diciembre de 2010
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Daniel oliver mateos trinidad

I remember a time that was sad for me, but in ocation i was happy. This story was about 8 years ago, when igoing at elementary school. My teacher said that we need to kill a rabbit, but i was scare, because i love the animals in specific at the rabbits. Ilove a rabbits, because in my opinion it´s very beatiful.
Also, my mom didn´t like to do it, but these activity was necesary to pass the period.First, i thougt “ if i kill to rabbit , i will pass the period and i continued wiht my good porcent”, but i did´t like it. After, i going attheacher´s room and i said” please teacher juan i don´t like kill to rabbit. He listened. Then, he said, “ i don´t care you need to do it”, and i returnedwith my friends and we played foot ball.
After a few minutes, i was sad and my mom went to me. After she to talked wiht me, she was nervous. Shetalked to herself, and she tought in a rabbit and said: please oliver you need to complain that in the life in ocations we kill to animals, but it´snot very important, because is for your knwledge. After she went out and a few minutes she come with a delicius cookies.
After about two days,i couldn´t keep cry any more. It was too sad. The days is begining and to started to experiment. Then juan undestood that i didn´t it, and he saidvery happy: oliver if you can´t do it, you will do a extra work. This notice was very important for me and i was happy and love the teacher.
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