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  • Publicado : 14 de marzo de 2011
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Updated Field Plan
|Component |Location |Activity |Completion Date |
|a. |Museum Exhibit |“Race” & Ethnicity Online Exhibit: |Review exhibit and examine the role skincolor has played (if any) in |Sunday |
| | |www.understandingrace.org |racial categorization. |October 31 |
|b. |Primary Research |Borough of Manhattan Community College |ProjectIV (Interview) – “Do you see what I see”. Explore how we |Monday - Friday |
| | | |classify someone’s race based on their physical appearance, if it |November 8 - 12 |
| | ||matches how they see themselves and identify character traits based on | |
| | | |our classification. | |
|c. |Anthropology in the Media |www.pbs.org|Watch “Race – the power of an illusion” |Tuesday |
| | | | |November 16 |
|d. |Criticalthinking |CUNY Library, |Read "Race" and the Construction of Human Identity (1998) by Audrey |Sunday |
| | |http://lib2.bmcc.cuny.edu:2068/stable/pdfplus/682047.pdf?acceptTC=true |Smedley |November 14|
|e. |Field schools |Field site: New Philadelphia in Pike County, Illinois |Research the methodological approaches, methods and theoretical |Monday |
| | |Sponsored by: National Science Foundation (Racial uplift, success of |orientation of the school, cost, programdirector, topics and program |November 22 |
| | |African-American families in racist societies) |dates and time frame | |


In the United States alone, there are five different race classifications; Black, White, AmericanIndian, Asian and Hispanic or Latino; and inadvertently everyday we are placed by ourselves or others into one of these race classes. But what constitutes a race and why do we place ourselves into one category versus another. Race is a cultural or social construct, not a biological one, which is derived from perceived notions, used to place humans into groups based mainly on physical features such asskin, hair or eye color and hair texture. Although skin color and other physical features only offer clues into our geographical ancestry, we often use it as the basis for determining race. According to the US Census Bureau, it wasn’t until the 1960 census that people were able to self identify, “The enumerator was instructed to determine race by observation; only in case of doubt was he to ask...
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