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International Marketing
1. Think of a product used with each of the channels
2. Give an advantage and a disadvantage for each of the channels seen.
• Direct email: credit card´sadvertising

Advantage: the organization can sent fast information, has a low cost and direct interaction.

Disadvantage: The consumers to whom they are not interested in that type of information eraseit.

• Telemarketing: Internet, insurance

Advantage: we could read the information to persuade the client, we can satisfy the customer´s needs without moving of his houses

Disadvantage:much clients don´t have the confidence in the strangers' calls and on the other hand they prefer seeing the product or proving it before realizing some purchase.

• Email marketing: Agency oftourism

Advantage: we can increase our market and have low cost.

Disadvantage: The consumers to whom they are not interested in that type of information erase it.

• Door-to-Door LeafletMarketing: banks

Advantage: we are near the customers, reflect the interest that we have towards them, personalized attention.

Disadvantage: For certain persons they might take it as that we are verybold, sometimes the persons don´t have many time to listen us.

• Broadcast faxing: food

Advantage: the organization use less time

Disadvantage: illegal, the cost could be highVoicemail Marketing: Claro

Advantage: the attention is almost real

Disadvantage: the people become angry when want to make a question at the moment.

Couponing: pizza hut

Advantage:the company would have many sales, and would gain the loyalty of the clients for his discounts.

Disadvantage: the customers might get used to these discounts.

Direct-response televisionmarketing: tventas

Advantage: the company can increase their clients and can persuade the client to call to buy the product at the moment having many promotions, the product is easy to buy and fast....
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