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Francis Ruiz
Dr. Kustin
Marketing 330
May 12, 2011
Vida’s Convenience Store Proposal
Vida’s is a brand new convenience store based close to Aspen Estates in the town ofJanesville.  Aspen Estates is a new housing estate which is aimed at high income individuals and young couples. This presents a great opportunity for the store. Typical household incomes in this area are$85,000 to $100,000.  In addition, it is the only food store with two miles of the housing estate. 
Vida's will offer a range of fresh, organic produce, staples, packaged foods, drinks (alcoholic andnonalcoholic), prepackaged fresh meals and pastries, newspapers, pet foods, medicines, health and beauty items, etc.  In addition, Vida's will rent a small section of the store to a cafe.  The cafe willhave seating for approximately 20 people and will provide breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, cold drinks and pastries. 
Vida's competitive edge is its location, its focus on customer service and theexperience and knowledge of the owners.

The mission of Vida's Convenience Store is to provide packaged foods, fresh foods, fast food, soft drinks, beer, cigarettes, groceries, and selectednonfood items to residents of the Aspen Estates and surrounding neighborhoods.  The store will provide fair priced items to its customers and provide a healthy profit for its owners.

1.  To make Vida's the preferred convenience store for the residents of the newly built Aspen Estates and surrounding neighborhoods.
2.  to break-even by the end of the first year.
3.  Toachieve a net profit of 5% by year three.

Keys to success:
1.  The convince Aspen Estates residents that Vida's is "their" convenience store
2.  To turn over inventory an average of 15 - 20times per year.
3.  To provide a broad supply of groceries, food and necessary household it

Company summary:

Vida's Convenience Store is a start-up venture. The store will occupy a leased...
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