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TestKing Cisco 642-902 Exam Questions & Answers

642-902 Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) Exam number/code: 642-902 Exam name: Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) Questions & Answers: 229 Q&A Related Certifications: CCNP, CCNP 2010

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TestKing Cisco 642-902 Exam Questions & Answers

Exam: 642-902 Certification Questions & AnswersQuestion 1: Which three of the statements below correctly describe the characteristics of Autonomous Systems in routed networks? (Select three) A. Within an AS, all routers must run either BGP or IBGP. B. An AS uses exterior gateway protocols (EGPs) to exchange information with other autonomous systems. C. An AS is a group of routers under the same technical administration. D. Within an AS, routeslearned through BGP can be redistributed using interior gateway protocols. E. Within an AS, routes learned through an interior protocol cannot be redistributed using BGP to other autonomous systems. Answer: B,C,D Explanation: Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) routing protocol used to connect between autonomous systems. The use of the term autonomous system in connection with BGP stresses the fact thatthe administration of an autonomous system appears to other autonomous systems to have a single coherent interior routing plan, and presents a consistent picture of those networks that are reachable through it. BGP is used between autonomous systems Incorrect Answer: A: Within an AS, all routers need not run either interior BGP or exterior BGP. While all IBGP peers need to be fully meshed, allrouters within the network do not need to run BGP. E: One of the major reasons for running BGP is so that the interior public IP networks within an AS can be distributed to other systems in the Internet via BGP. Reference: Building Scalable Cisco Networks (Cisco Press) page 313

Question 2: What's the preferred method of route redistribution, when two routes of different protocols get exchanged?(Select two) A. Use one way route redistribution when there is one path. B. Use one way route distribution when there are multiple paths. C. Use static routes when there are multiple paths. D. Use two way route distribution when there is one path. E. Use two way route redistribution where there are multiple paths. F. Use static routes when there is one path. Answer: B,C Explanation: B. One wayredistribution- To avoid routing loops and problems with varying convergence times, allow routes to be exchanged in only one direction, not both directions. In the other direction, you should consider a default route. C. When you want to prevent routing loops - Many companies have large enough networks that redundant paths are prominent. In some cases, for example, when a path to the same destination...
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