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  • Publicado : 19 de octubre de 2010
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*Test of the cap of ozone*
What is the Cap of Ozone?
The life in the Earth has been protected during thousands of years by a cap of vital poison in the atmosphere. This cap consisted of ozone,uses as shield to protect to the Earth against the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the Sun. Up to where we know, it is a sole right of our planet. If it was disappearing, the ultraviolet light of theSun would sterilize the surface of the globe and would annihilate the whole terrestrial life.
The ozone is a form of oxygen which molecule has three atoms, instead of the two of the common oxygen. Thethird atom is the one that does that the gas that we breathe is poisonous; mortal, if there is inhaled the smallest portion of this substance. By means of atmospheric natural processes, the moleculesof ozone are created and are destroyed constant. The ultraviolet radiations of the Sun separate into its elements the molecules of oxygen in atoms that at the time are combined by other molecules ofoxygen to form the ozone.
The ozone is not a stable gas and is very vulnerable to be destroyed by the natural compounds that contain nitrogen, hydrogen and chlorine.
Near the surface of the Earth(the troposfera), the ozone is a pollutant that causes many problems; it forms a part of the photochemical smog and of the coctail of pollutants that is known popularly as the acid rain. But in thesafety of the stratosphere, from 15 to 50 km on the surface, the bluish gas and of strong smell it is so important for the life as own cl oxygen.
The ozone forms a fragile shield, by all appearancesimmaterially but very effectively. It is so spread by 35 km from thickness of the stratosphere that if one was compressing it would form a cap concerning the Earth, not thicker than the sole of a shoe.The concentration of the stratospheric ozone changes with the height, but it is never any more of one hundred-thousandth of the atmosphere in which he is. Nevertheless, this so thin filter is...
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