Entre la legitimidad y la violencia

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Vanpires can oly come out at night so i knew that there was no danger during the day the next morning I decided to visit the count is room to see what I could find to do this I had to get into it bythe window this was possible because his room was just below my bedroom and there were little holes in the wall between the stones . I sould put my feet in these and I could use the heavy curtainsfrom my window to hold onto. It was dangerous but I had to try.
Slowly I moved down the wall once or twice I almost fell but at last I found myself in the count is bedroom.
The room was empty thecount was not there I looked for the castle keys but I could noy find them over in one corner of the room there was some gold and on the other side of the room there was big wooden door. It was open and Isaw that there were some stairs going down. I went down them and I came to another door. This was open too and I found myself in a room with a sone floor. Slowly I looked around me there were aboutfifty wooden boxes in the room they were coffins and they were full of earth in one of them lay the count I could noy say if he was dead or asleep his eyes were open and looked cold and stony but hisface did not look like the face of a dead man .
His lips were still very red but he did not move slowly I went nearer I thought perhaps that he had the castle keys on him but when I looked at thosecold stony eyes my blood ran cold afraid I turned and ran back to the window I did not stop to think until I was back in my room .
That night the count came to me again. Tomorrow you will return toEngland he said – and knew that tomorrow was the day of my death. I lay down on my bed but I did not sleep very well during the night I heard women es voices outside my door and then the count saying –wait your time has not yet come tomorrow night – you can have him then . the women laughed a low sweet sound and I shook with fear.
Morning came at last and I was still alive. I must escape, I...
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