Enviroment problem in china

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Environment Problem in China

It is well known that China’s economic growth is based in manufacture, from this huge country, all over the world can enjoy from its products and services, every time China’s goods quality improving because of the demand from foreigner countries, so this forces the manufacture industry to grow rapidly in order to accelerate its production capacity and as mentionedbefore, quality. As a matter of fact, China is the country with the largest population in the world, and this motivates the manufacture industry to become stronger due to the excess of labor force. Manufacturing has placed China’s growth in the top for the last 15 years; it is amazing the GDP percentage that year after year is incredibly over 8% annually and this is reflected in the improvement inthe other sectors such as education, health, life standard and people has more opportunities to work. But on the other hand, all this benefits for the country has a negative effect on most damaged area that it’s the environment, If a country wants to achieve something it also must be ready to sacrifice or give up something, in this case all China’s improvement is costing a very high price to thecountries environment. Afterwards it’s going to be mentioned what are cause that harm the environment the most, and what the government is doing to turn on the right way the curse of protection to the environment by making new policies.

The first point it’s about the main pollution problems in China. In many places of China because of the factories waste that are thrown to rivers, lakes oreven to the sea, the water can’t be cleaned totally because some substances are dangerous for human being to take, therefore it’s just not an option for drinking, also it affect the animal life because many water animal die due to chemical pollution in the water, and also people are not able to eat this polluted animals. The main reason these animals die, because the substances in the water don’tlet the animals get oxygen or just simply because the waste it’s too poisonous. Red tides on the coast it’s also another pollution phenomenon that pollutes and therefore kills sea creatures, these red tides they are also occurred because of the water pollution, and the animals affected can’t be consumed by people to eat because of its dangerous toxins that may cause diseases.
China isexperiencing every time more and more dust storms. Normally in the north parts these events occur more often, and these storms become deadly when they pick up airborne toxins from factories.
Chinese buildings require twice as much energy to heat or cool as those in similar climates in the US or Europe. The World Bank states that 95% of these buildings do not meet meet China’s own codes for energyefficiency.
According to engineer of The Ministry of Construction, 30% of China’s total energy consumption is used for building infrastructure, such as new residential or shopping areas. Chinese infrastructure is increasing at an astronomical rate of growth. China added 66 giga watts of electricity to its power grid in 2005, according to New York Times news papers. That’s about as much power as GreatBritain generates in an entire year.

Heavy industry plants do not operate efficiently or control pollution as adequately as factories in other parts of the world. On average Chinese steel makers use one-fifth more energy per ton than the estimated international average. The World Bank says that cement manufacturers need 45% more power and ethylene producers’ need 70% more power than producerselsewhere. Another study done by the World Bank in conjunction with the State Environmental Policy Act, or SEPA, the national environmental Agency, concluded that 350,000 to 400,000 premature deaths are a direct result of outdoor air pollution.
With the degradation of the Yangtze River, entire ecosystems may are altered or destroyed. The Times Online reports that geologists have found banks are...
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