Environment consuming

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Environment consuming
The earth is suffering due to excessive amounts of consumption of natural resources that all human beings are wasting nowadays. Consumption is rising very rapidly and the biodiversity is going to be extinct if the consumption continues with the same pace. This is called economic heresy. That is, economic growth as essential as the air that all people breathe.It is the way that people can fight poverty in the world by balancing the cost of products and raising the public spending also stimulating them by using technology because it seem that there is no limit to growth as everyone likes expensive lifestyles.
To understand why people have gotten to this point of consuming huge amounts of natural resources it’s very important to compare the lifestyle,availability of natural resources and the behavior of people in the past and see the difference between the past and the present time. In the past people were basically hunter-gatherers and there was just a very small environmental footprint from the ancestors because they could get whatever they could carry with them. In other words, they just got whatever they needed to survive withoutendangering the ecosystem of which they were part of. However, due to innovations and technology people started to use natural resources more than they needed. As a result, many civilizations were lost and others had to move to other places. Nowadays human beings are the most numerous mammals on the planet, causing unprecedented extinction crisis by consuming a lot of natural resources and polluting theecosystem. For example, according to the graph (figure 1) since people started to use co2, the emissions of these pollutant have been increasing without stopping.

Figure 1 (NewScientist, 18 October 2008)
People usually use numbers to measure any kind of situation or in some way try to calculate something. According to the magazine NewScientist, in terms of ecology and economic growth there is anequation made by two American ecologist, Paul Ehrlich and john Holdrem which can show the arithmetic of relentless consumption. The Ehrlich equation, I=PAT, says simply that the impact (I) of human activity on the planet is the product of three factors: the size of the population(P), its level of affluence(A) expressed as income per person, and a technology factor(T), which is measure of theimpact on the planet associated which each dollar we spend. Therefore, due to ambition and addiction to grow economically the environment is suffering badly and natural resources are endangered affecting all the human beings so people must balance the production of man-made capital and the natural capital.
Points of view for environment and economy
Experts are divided in their views in terms of theimportance of environment and economy. Obviously, these two are scientist specialized in the field of environment-environmentalist, and those specialized in the field of ecology-ecologist. Economist strongly believe that human beings are very creative and productive and, that the sky is the limit and if there is a lack of natural resources people can find substitutes and can think about otheralternatives. For example, if people are running out of natural resources in the planet they think that they can find those sources in other planets such as the moon, mine asteroids or harvest sunlight in space and microwave it to the earth. They basically think that the whole universe is a potential resource that all the humans can use without worrying of running out of resources. Besides ecologistthere are a lot of people who think in the same way of limitless resources which is a foolish dream that people can never achieve. The reality is that people are biological beings that depend of the biosphere.
On the other hand, environmental thinkers believe that there is nothing more important than air, water, soil, energy and biodiversity and the reason is that all the natural...
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