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Service Tests and Utilities



Introduction 4-2 Diagnostics - Self Test 4-2 Service Tests (Diagnostics) 4-3 Entering the Service Tests Menu 4-4 Ink Supply Station 4-6 Carriage Movement 4-8 Paper Advance Test 4-10 Service Utilities 4-13 Entering the Service Utilities Menu 4-14 EEROM Setup 4-16 Turn Drive Roller 4-21 Unlock Carriage 4-22 Prime Tubes 4-23 Change Cutter 4-24 Change InkTubes 4-25 Printer Information 4-26

HP DesignJets 500 and 800 Series Printers Service Manual


Service Tests and Utilities

This chapter explains how to use the built-in Service Tests and Service Utilities and what to do if any of the Service Tests fail. If possible, always perform a Service Test on the component that you are about to replace, just to make sure that is thecomponent that has failed. If the test on that component passes, there is no need to replace it.

Phone Support


In certain circumstances, a Call Agent can try and troubleshoot the Printer by requesting the Customer to perform a Service Test via the phone. Using this process, it can be determined whether the Printer requires any on-site maintenance.

Diagnostics - SelfTest
Initialization Sequences Whenever the Printer is switched ON, it automatically performs a series of internal self tests and mechanical initialization sequences. If any of the parts fail, a system error will appear and you should consult Chapter 2 - System Error Codes. Entering Service Menu at Power Up - Only for Onsite Repair If the Printer fails to initialize completely because of a SystemError and you need to use the Service Menu (Service Tests and Utilities), the Printer can be powered up in Service Mode by pressing the Up and Enter keys while switching the Printer ON. This will give you access to some of the Service Tests and Utilities without having to complete the System Initialization (if you perform some of the tests, they will need to initialize the relevant part of theSystem).


HP DesignJets 500 and 800 Series Printers Service Manual

Service Tests and Utilities

Service Tests (Diagnostics)
The following is a list of all internal Service Tests available in the Printer. Instructions for entering the Service Tests menu are given on Page 4-4. 1 Ink Supply Station ⇒ Page 4-6 The purpose of this test is to verify the operation of the Ink Supply Station.A failure of the out-of-ink sensors or the springs in the Ink Supply Station will eventually damage the Printheads because the Printer will try to pump ink from an empty Ink Cartridge stall, which will cause the Printhead to dry-fire. 2 Carriage Movement ⇒ Page 4-8 The purpose of this test is to verify the movement of the scan-axis components at several speeds. This test checks for the followingproblems:

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Friction problems with worn out slider rod or Carriage Bushings. Blockage due to problems with the Service Station. Problems with encoder sensing.

3 Paper Advance ⇒ Page 4-10 The purpose of this test is to identify whether there is too much friction in the paper-axis drive system which is caused by defects with the Transmission Gears, Drive Roller or the Paper-Axis Motor.4 Troubleshooting ⇒ Page 6-4 The Printer contains an internal Troubleshooting procedure which helps you to diagnose and resolve the possible source of any Image Quality or Line Quality defects. If Print Quality is poor at anytime, the Troubleshooting procedure should be performed which will determine whether the Printhead needs replacing (by marking it with an exclamation mark) or not afterperforming various levels of recovery actions.

HP DesignJets 500 and 800 Series Printers Service Manual


Service Tests and Utilities

Entering the Service Tests Menu
NOTE In order to enter the Service Utility Menu, please refer to the instructions on Page 4-14. 1 Press the ↑ or ↓ key until the front panel displays the Setup Menu and then press Enter.
Set-up menu Menu Back Press ENTER...
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