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Welcome to Jamaica..

Area: 10,991 km ²
Population: 2,496,000 H
Density: 227.1 inhabitants / km ²
Language (s): English (official)
Capital: Kingston (587,798 h)
Currency: Jamaican dollar(J $)
Religion: Protestant, Anglican, Catholic
Political divisions: 13 parishes and a special administration
Jamaica was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage, and became aSpanish colony in 1509
the weather it is tropical, warm, it is summer all year. the biggest issue that must deal with the weather are the hurricanes that hit this area
Jamaica is known forits rich culture and music, which have made the island famous globally.
The transport of the island of Jamaica is composed of roads, railways and air transport
The most important place in higherstudies is the University of the Antilles located in Kingston, where they study more than 5,000 adolescents
there is not enough land to farm so the tourism it is a important topic for theeconomy to Jamaica
There are obtained tropical crops, snuff, bananas, citrus fruits, cocoa, coffee, coconut, corn, hay, pepper, ginger, mango, potato, and sugar cane-of which there is a rumappreciated the world
Jamaica it is the third largest island in the Caribbean and the birthplace of Bob Marley and James Bond 007.. A trip to Jamaica can include a canoeing or rafting, horsebackriding and a walk on the beach. Can also be climbed in a balloon, diving, spear fishing to give a motorcycle back in the mountains, or relaxing in a hammock swaying during sunset. The majority of thepopulation is of African descent, but there are also people of European descent, Arabic, Chinese and Indian. The people of Jamaica is a multiracial mix.
this island has beautiful places thatmakes the visitors visit it . there are some places like peaks of the Blue Mountains the drama falls, white sand beaches, Jamaica it is waiting for you there is no place like Jamaica come here.
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