Essay about monterrey stadium

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Essay about Monterrey Stadium Case
Nuevo León has two major soccer teams that are Tigres and Rayados de Monterrey. But Nuevo León just has one professional soccer stadium and Rayados want to makeanother stadium for their team and their fans and public. But the Monterrey Stadium Case have some disadvantages but it have advantages too.
Some advantages of the Monterrey Stadium are that help theeconomy. The construction of a new stadium need labor that create a temporally job. The stadium would need maintenance to clean and care the stadium. It can offer many jobs in their internalrestaurants, malls, stores, barmen, chefs, etc. that is “permanently” jobs. The construction of the Monterrey Stadium represents a source of jobs and money and that help the Nuevo León’s economy.
Otheradvantages are that the Monterrey Stadium would be a safe stadium because it will be new and its foundations will be recent. The Monterrey Stadium will be safe because it will have all the safety aspect incount to make it, and its main idea will be protect the fans to the insecurity that is outside. The Monterrey Stadium will be a space to recreate for many people.
In another hand, the MonterreyStadium will bring and create some disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is that the construction of Monterrey Stadium will destroy some forest zone of the area and it will kill or exterminate someanimals and plants species, it will kill an ecosystem. Another problem is after the construction of the stadium, because Monterrey Stadium will produce a lot of traffic in the avenues that are around ofthe future Monterrey Stadium.
But many of these disadvantages have solutions. The disadvantage of kill the ecosystem solve if we reconstruct an ecosystem surrounding of the stadium and they canrehabilitate the ecosystem that are around of the river and reforest the place. Another solution is that they need to care, be clean because if they produce garbage, they are killing the ecosystem. They...
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