Essay about operating systems

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Operating Systems.

It is very difficult to imagine a world without computers. We use computers every day and the society seems to work depending exclusively on this machines. Actions as usual forus like taking money out from an ATM or check our money accounts of the bank on line are controlled by computers. But this control could not be possible without an important virtual part of thesemachines: the Operating Systems. These operating systems help us to use the computers in an easy way without knowing a lot of programming language. We usually use these programs and tend to believe thatthey have always existed as we know them nowadays, but, in fact, many years and improvements have had to pass in order to be what they are nowadays. In this essay we will learn about these improvementsand how they have been evolving, the companies who have risen in the fight to stand as the best operating system and, of course, what an operating system really is.

An operating system is anessential part of the current computing. An operating system is a group of several applications called software. This applications work together in order to make the physical parts , called hardware, workproperly and also, simplify the user’s experience when using a computer. The main function of an operative system is to coordinate the usage of both, physical and virtual parts of the computerautomatically. Thanks to this coordination, the user only executes the tasks without being wasting time re-programing every task when using the computer.
Operating systems are not as modern as peoplethink they are. They have been present since many decades ago. The operating systems have been evolving and improving throughout the last sixty years until become the current operating system we knownowadays. By 1949 computing just consisted on a series of cards, switches and transistors. These parts had to be managed by a person who was in charge to operate them and make the system execute the...
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