Essay about the new primary school

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First of all, we should know what a curriculum is; it is something that can be defined as a Studies Plan or as Studies and Practices groupwhich are able to offer a perfect students development (RAE).

As for a Curriculum History, it would be recommendable to know what it has changed so much between 1937 and 1981, it offers usdifferent sources or methods for the student development. Teachers have changed their type of work too, because in the early 1900s they were teaching simply, showing their knowledge and today educators arehelping to students to be able to be the creators of their knowledge. (J.Boyd 1984). This evolution has given to U.K one of the best education system.

We should take into account that a curriculumis composed of the different elements of the children development such as Growth, Health and movement which they tell us that all aspects of development are based in them and it is more important thatthis development will be equilibrate in the different ranges of psycho and physic. The communication is an important element too, because it contains the physical development principally linked to thepersonal and social development. There are a lot of ways to communicate such as symbolic media, body language, music or art among other. In relation to the interpretation of the world, we shouldcomment that it is very important because each child is creating his experience, his reality and world as Piaget told in his “Developing process”. For this, this part will include in the curriculum.Others aspects as vision and imagination, feeling and expression will be included too. All elements that have been seen here are connected and they should be the basis of all creating curriculum. (W.Blyth, 1984).

In relation to advantages offered by the new curriculum we should mention the integration of children with special needs and the ethnic minorities, and the girls’ discrimination as a...
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