Essay giver vs taker

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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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Persuasive - comparative essay. Point of view about 2 daily types of expressions
“The Taker Vs. the Giver”
Hi, my name is Scarlett Overhage and I will talk you about two special common, every-daytypes of people-sayings. These two types of expressions are the “selfish-expressions” and the “sharing-expressions”. People talk everyday and communicate in our society, using words that could beaccepted as normal good-expressions but hey ignore the truth of these especial words, with no purpose. One of the common expressions that I will talk you about hides a truth of meanings that revealindirectly awful effects in our minds and in our lives. Your mind is the only one that receives those effects in a way that you are not even expecting, that’s why I am in opposition of the selfishexpressions in our society.
Imagine your partner that is close to you, is talking with another partner in this way:
"I WANT this..." "I NEED this..."
As we know, wanting or needing something is normal, isnatural, everybody needs something. But, why do people only think about their needs and not on the needs of other people? So as an example: If a person means so much for you, I mean if you like theway that persons is, most of the times you will use some of these selfish-expressions.
"I want you" "I need you"
Again, why do people only think about their needs? The word “need” means arequirement, the personal necessity of “something” which means dependence. If you think it for a minute, this type of expression is kind of selfish, isn't? Most of the people repeat those words, unconsciouslyeveryday! Psychologically, this means that somewhere up there in the mind of your partner, there are thoughts or feelings about of "the next new thing he needs to have". However, do you know this actas a temporal need? Notice that when they don’t need "that thing" any more, they will discard it. YES! They will throw it away as useless. In the world, there are so many selfish people that are...