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Essay Managing Tasks
You have too many tasks to do? You don’t know how to remember it? Unless you don’t count with a computer, you can use Outlook to manage and remember all your tasks.Outlook has a task administrator that lets you record your tasks, and follow them up, without any worry. If you are working in a team, you can also assign a task to another teammate. After youcreate a task and assign it to someone, you might have some management duties to perform in maintaining it until it is complete. For example, you might want status reports and updates on theprogress of the task. Also, if the person to whom you assign the task rejects it, you might want to reassign it to someone else.
While doing the task, you can update the status of the task. Then whenyou or your team is finished you marked as complete, and the task disappear from the to-do list.
There are different views you can apply to the task manager for you to feel more comfortable.Some examples are: active list, detailed list, or the most common, the to-do list. You can choose any of this or more that are featured in Outlook
Outlook offers you a diversity of usefultools that can help your daily life. It makes easier your life and gives the necessary features for you to give an extra effort in your work or school

Team exercise
Maketeams of 4 and explain each of the following images:
Object | Explanation |
| Tasks- Shows all the pending tasks |
| Start Date/ Due Date: Works to set up the time in which the task has tobe completed |
| Status: Shows the progress of the task |
| Owner: Person to which the task is assigned |
| Reminder: Sets up an alarm to give a call to the task owner |
|Subject: Of what the task is about. |
| Priority: The importance of the task |
| Follow- Track the task |
| Classify- Gives a tag to the task |
| Mark as complete-As the name says… |
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